Hasn’t Canada banned asbestos already?

No. We haven’t…yet.

We just closed down the last asbestos-producing mine in 2012. 

But we’re making progress…it’s coming.

This last May 11th, 2016, the Canadian Government announced that it would be moving towards establishing a Canadian ban of asbestos.  The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau stated that “We know that its impact on workers far outweighs any benefits that it might provide“.

Only this July 2015 has the Canadian government admitted that all forms of asbestos are harmful. Click here to see a map of where asbestos is found in Federal buildings.

With the Day of Mourning celebrations across the country, there have been numerous media articles about banning asbestos in Canada. You can find them (and more) on the news page.

“I have watched my father struggle and pass away from Mesothelioma in November, 2011 when he didn’t even realize he was being exposed to asbestos at work. My uncle was diagnosed last year with asbestosis. I work in the construction field overseeing health and safety and inspect asbestos abatement removals. I have witnessed several very concerning practices over the years on how asbestos is removed. Workers and co-workers continue to be exposed every day. Mesothelioma is the number one occupational illness in Ontario. Mr. Trudeau, since you will not move into the 24 Sussex Drive residence, you recognize the repercussions of how breaching asbestos could affect you or your family, so I encourage you to be the voice for all Canadians to implement much needed changes for positive forward movement.” – Renée Guay

Ban Asbestos Canada is a network of like-minded individuals from across Canada that are seeking a common goal: that asbestos be banned in Canada. We’re calling on the Canadian government to do the following:

  • Ban asbestos imports
  • Stop all new asbestos installations
  • Let us know where asbestos is hiding.


There is now a ban on the future use of asbestos in all future construction projects in the Federal Public Sector. You can read more about this on the Public Service Alliance of Canada webpage. Congrats to the activists who moved this issue forward!!!!


It’s time. Help us. Make a Difference. Ban Asbestos, Canada, Now!