Asbestos in the Canadian News

In 2014, Tavia Grant of the Globe and Mail put out a series on asbestos called No Safe Use. It must be read, viewed and experienced.

2016-12-15 Ban Announced for 2018

Full asbestos ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018 – CBC Ottawa

Key Promises in Thursday’s asbestos ban announcement – CBC Ottawa

Globe editorial: Asbestos: Canada finally bans a deadly substance – The Globe and Mail

Canada’s asbestos ban could grant a dying father’s wish – National Observer

Canada’s move to ban asbestos a ‘win for public health’ but long overdue: advocates – The Globe and Mail

Canada to ban asbestos: What you need to know about the common carcinogen – Global News

Canada to ban asbestos by 2018 – The Toronto Star

Province the next battleground against asbestos: BC Federation of Labour – Vancouver Metro

Asbestos ban cheered by Manitoba crusader’s daughter – CBC Manitoba

Asbestos ban ‘too little, too late’ for woman whose father died from exposure – CBC Nova Scotia

Canadian government finally will ban asbestos – Radio Canada International

Canada to implement full asbestos ban by 2018 – The Beacon

Saskatchewan anti-asbestos advocate applauds Ottawa’s plan to ban material – CBC Saskatchewan

Federal government moves to ban asbestos by 2018 – The Ottawa Sun

Action by Ottawa welcomed by Sarnia activities – The Sarnia Observer

A chronology of Canada and asbestos – Calendon Enterprises

Canada to ban all products containing asbestos by 2018 – Bristol Harold Courier

The Thursday news briefing: An at-a-glance survey of some top stories – Vancouver Metro News

Feds finally move to ban asbestos by 2018 – Inside Belleville

Island schools and government buildings still have asbestos – CBC PEI

Asbestos products to be banned by 2018 – Westman Journal

Province needs licencing for asbestos removers: Trades council – News 1130

2016-12-09 Asbestos ban to be announced by Federal Government next week – CBC Ottawa

2016-12-08 Corporate spy infiltrated anti-asbestos campaign – The Guardian

2016-10-21 Vernon school district fined $75K for failed asbestos management – CBC BC

2016-10-11 Liberals under fire for delay on asbestos ban – The Globe and Mail

2016-10-08 Seven federal buildings in Hamilton have asbestos – Radio CHML Hamilton

2016-10-03 Canada-wide asbestos inventory a “positive step”, say health and safety advocates – CBC Ottawa

2016-10-03 Federal health minister’s office confirms government will ban asbestos – Indo-Canadian Voice

2016-09-30 Concerns over flow of asbestos into Pacific as New Zealand’s import ban comes into effect – ABC net

2016-09-26 BC asbestos removal company facing $500K in fines after latest safety violations – CBC BC

2016-06-27 Asbestos-related cancers costs Canadians billions – The Globe and Mail

2016-06-24 Guelph Brake Pad Manufacturer Adds Voice to Asbestos Fight with the ABS Offensive – Marketwire

2016-06-23 New Zealand Enacts National Asbestos Ban –

2016-06-16 Cullen Says Anti-Asbestos Crusader Shows Value of Persistence – CFTK-TV Terrace

2016-06-15 B.C. man claims Fort McMurray cleanup crew working without safety equipment – The Province

2016-06-15 Fort McMurray cleanup workers allege dirty treatment in wildfire zone – CBC Edmonto

2016-06-15 Asbestos, mould problems may close addiction treatment centre for women – CBC Manitoba

2016-6-15 Asbestos at federal building surprised electrician – CBC Ottawa

2016-06-14 Raw: Home video of botch asbestos job – CBC Manitoba

2016-06-12 Asbestos in the garage – The National

2016-06-11 Canada and asbestos – The National

2016-06-04 Asbestos Threats to Health Rise as Demolitions Skyrocket – the Tyee

2016-05-11 Canada ‘moving forward’ on asbestos ban, Justin Trudeau says – CBC Ottawa

2016-05-01 Many Mississauga Schools Contain Asbestos That Cause Health Problems –

2016-04-29 The CBC put out an interactive map of federal buildings that contain asbestos.

Day of Mourning, April 28th, 2016

Day of mourning for workers focuses on asbestos ban – CBC Ottawa

Worker safety advocates want federal ban on asbestos – CBC Windsor

Day of mourning 2016 pushes for a ban on asbestos –

Unions push for asbestos ban on Day of Mourning – Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

Lost Workers Mourned – Kirkland Lake Northern News

Day of Mourning Advocates for Asbestos Ban – Blackburn News

Workplace death Day of Mourning held in Victoria Park – CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

Arrive – and punch out – alive – Kamloops This Week

“One too many”: Wife of Nova Scotia worker killed on job site speaks out on National Day of Mourning – Halifax Metro

Asbestos a major health threat: ETFO – Cornwall Standard

Many Peel schools contain asbestos – Brampton Guardian

National Day of Mourning calls for ban on asbestos – North Bay

Mourning those lost in the workplace – Peterborough Examiner

Dozens honour workers killed and injured on the job – CFRA Ottawa

Important to honour lives that were cut short – Cowichan Valley Citizen

Day of Mourning ceremonies across Niagara – Niagara Falls Review

Day of Mourning: Key figures about workplace safety – The Globe and Mail

Loss of life and injuries in the workplace focus of Stratford Day of Mourning – Stratford Beacon Herald

Online News 

2016-04-28 Time to ban asbestos? CBC Ottawa

2016-04-28 Asbestos used in 2 federal buildings in Kitchener – CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

2016-04-28 Asbestos in 4 federal buildings in Thunder Bay – CBC Thunder Bay

2016-04-26 Remembering those killed and injured on the job – Sarnia Observer

2016-04-26 Workplace Safety Must Be Canada’s Bottom Line – Market Wired

2016-04-23 Groups petitioning Canada’s government to ban asbestos – Digital Journal

2016-04-22 Mike Holmes: Asbestos is like a sleeping monster best left undisturbed lest danger ensues – National Post

2016-04-22 Who are we really protecting? Calls for Canada to ban asbestos – CTV Kitchener

2016-04-22 Unions and families call for asbestos ban in Canada – The Globe and Mail

2016-04-18 Work safely – Winsdor Star & Ottawa Citizen

2016-04-13 Government Decision on Asbestos Welcome – Blackburn News

2016-04-12 Auto recyclers call for ban on importation of asbestos brake pads – Collision Repair Magazine

2016-04-12 Asbestos banned in new construction, renovations of federal buildings – The Globe and Mail

2016-04-11 Next phase of waterfront park remediation to begin soon – Sarnia Observer

2016-04-10 Asbestos banned in construction, renovations at federal sites There’s an interactive map of buildings in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. – CBC Ottawa

2016-04-3 Pressure mounts for a ban on all asbestos – Radio Canada International

2016-03-31 Bradley Pushes For Asbestos Ban – Blackburn News

2016-03-28 Asbestos: It’s (finally) time for Ottawa to shut the industry down -The Globe and Mail

2016-03-27 Pressure Mounts on Ottawa to join wide ban on asbestos – The Globe and Mail

2016-03-19 Asbestos spilled in building connected to new Winnipeg police HQ – CBC Manitoba

2016-03-11 PEI Opposition want asbestos removed from schools – CBC Prince Edward Island

2016-03-10 7 PEI schools found with asbestos in ceiling tiles – CBC Prince Edward Island

2016-03-04 NBCC office in Fredericton closed after possible discovery of asbestos – CBC New Brunswick

2016-03-03 Ebb and Flow school closed, emergency declared after asbestos found – CBC Manitoba

2016-02-27 Asbestos risk: Duncan B.C. medical building shut down by owner – CBC British Columbia

2016-02-24 Workers back after asbestos scare at Sask. workplace safety office – CBC Saskatchewan

2016-02-03 Federal labour minister says she will consider asbestos ban – CBC Ottawa

2016-02-02 Federal government still using asbestos in new construction – CBC Ottawa

2016-01-28 Asbestos in their office building – CBC Ottawa

2016-01-28 Asbestos a potential cancer threat, even 40 to 50 years after exposure – CBC Radio – The Current

2016-01-26 Anglophone North reveals failure to test for asbestos in 12 schools – CBC New Brunswick

2016-01-21 Union leader calls for national registry to track asbestos – The Globe and Mail

2016-01-21 Chart: The rise of mesothelioma cases in Canada – The Globe and Mail

2016-01-21 Asbestos-linked cancer on the rise: Statscan – The Globe and Mail

2016-01-23 Asbestos – it kills and it kills. The Globe and Mail

2016-01-07 Asbestos exposure leads rise in deaths of B.C. construction workers – The Globe and Mail

2016-01-07 Chart: Workplace deaths in B.C. – The Globe and Mail

2015-12-28 Manitoba woman who wanted inquiry into asbestos-tainted insulation dies – The Globe and Mail

2015-11-12 Concordia University won’t retract controversial asbestos report – CBC Radio – As It Happens

2015-11-10 24 Sussex is a national treasure that should be restored, not demolished – The Globe and Mail

2015-11-08 Vancouver workers face asbestos danger with quick demolition jobs – The Globe and Mail

2015-10-30 Canada and asbestos – CBC The National

2015-10-30 Government backs asbestos limits – CBC The National

2015-09-02 Denis Lapointe says government hid potential asbestos exposure – CBC Radio – The Current

2105-08-04 Health Canada revises asbestos position – Daily commercial news

2015-07-16 Call of the Day: Asbestos killed 4 in my family – CBC

2015-07-03 Ottawa’s change of heart on asbestos welcome but late – The Globe and Mail

2105-07-02 Asbestos Update: How Health Canada’s advice has changed – CTV Health

2015-06-05 NWT government fined $115K for workers’ asbestos exposure – CBC North

2015-03-27 The Asbestos Trade – The Globe and Mail

2015-03-18 What has asbestos done to you? – CBC Ottawa

2015-03-10 Seeking answers and action on asbestos – CBC Ottawa

2015-03-09 Electrician says government hid potential exposures – CBC Radio – The Current

2014-12-16 Danger: asbestos – The Globe and Mail

2012-09-26 Asbestos prepares for end of asbestos mining – CBC Montreal

2011-12-14 Asbestos and the Red Cross – CBC Montreal

2011-10-28 The return of the asbestos debate – CBC Politics

2011-08-17 Sarnia Asbestos – CBC Radio – Ontario Morning

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